The Haute Route

A group of us got together in Gilly, Switzerland over the weekend May 12-13 to discuss our plans to cross the Alps in the summer. But before our mountain guide, Gerald, gave us a briefing we had lots of fun. My thanks to Denis Purmann who did so much to make the day a success. For a quick overview look here in French of course!

Gathering outside Chateau Purmann

I don’t think its going to rain.

But then the men decided that the neighbour’s utilities were not working properly so decided to improve them and then disguise them as a waste bin!

Having “improved” the electricity supply it was time to drive over to St Prex, Crissier where we had a conducted tour of a chocolatier called Christian Boillat; you can tour it on line here …..But you can’t have the fun of getting right in the thick of the chocolate!

Gathering to go in.

The company also makes pastries and sandwiches in their modern premises.

This is M. Boillat (the younger) himself…

and his products….

Now its our turn to make a bar of chocolate and some truffles!

“Turned out well; didn’t it and my hands are clean.”. . . . . But not for long ! ! ! !

We’re all at it………….

We then drove to Cave Treyblanc à Luins for a glass or two of the local produce followed by apple wine and fois gras on toast. There was also a talk by Gerald (translated by MC) on what our treck on the Haute Route would be like but this participant had wined and dined so well that most of it went over his head. I did remember to take one picture inside and one picture of the view:-

But the highlight of the day was “Repas à l’Auberge Communale de Gilly”. Starting with a local mushroom soup we then had a meat fondue with all the trimmings and a delicious ice-cream with nuts and fruit. One person ate two but I won’t shame him!

It all took place in their dining room in the cellar:-

The Anniversary Couple

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  1. Wow!!! a chocolate factory……boy am I jealous…..and you got to make a chocolate bar. Just licking fingers was worth the trouble.

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