Kew Tuesday 10th July

The Summer of Swing has been held at Kew Gardens for over 25 years but it is a new event in my calendar. Last year was the first year I attended. It is very weather dependent as it is about picnicing in the open and listening to some music.

This year my guests were John and Anne Murray and their daughter Sarah. There’s no picture of John because he is the photographer and took virtually all these pictures. Thank you, John.

We were lucky with the weather and started our food before the the “warm up group” Ben’s Brothers (no I hadn’t heard of them either). That’s me stuffing my face with some complimentary goodies from Gu, one of the sponsors.

Jools did a Boogie Woogie number and proceeded to introduce the key musicians in his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra. (Is “rhythm” the longest word I know without a vowel?)

His music was good but I thought he looked tired and wondered if his hectic schedule wasn’t starting to catch up with him. There were featured singers, Ruby Turner and Louise Marshall, but for me Lulu was the highlight.

and so it would appear for the rest of the audience, judging by their enthusiasm. Most of her numbers were collaborations with Jools but she did do one old favourite “Shout”. She is sixty next year !!!! At the end there is a brief firework display to let everbody that its time to go home.

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