Please Help an Orphan Elephant


His playmates are the dogs and cats

Moses is an orphaned baby Elephant found at Vwasa Marsh by the game guards, he could not get out of the water and had lost his Mum and his herd.  He was terrified, stressed and dehydrated.   Luckily they rescued him.

It’s a long story, but through various channels Jenny agreed to take care of him

Moses needs to be fed every two hours and needs 24 hour care (in the wild he would never be away from the herd or his mother), Jenny has taken on this task along with her cook and groom.  She has not had a full night’s sleep since his arrival and is totally committed to taking care of him.  They are now taking the place of his mum.  Orphans pull at our heart strings, but animal orphans have so many special needs.  Moses has to be fed milk formula which is imported, so expensive.  He needs special skin care and regular mud baths without too much water, because he is so terrified of volumes of water since his frightening experience in the river and he cannot be left on his own at all.  He sleeps on a mattress on the floor beside Jenny with his trunk draped over her for reassurance.

Mbala Pony Club decided they wanted to do something to help with the care of Moses, so we are holding a Le Trec event over the weekend of 12th-14th May.  All proceeds will go towards Moses upkeep along with the takings for our raffle.  If you would like to support Moses we would be glad to hear from you.

UK Bank: Lloyds TSB, Premier Banking

A/c name: Jennifer Anne Perepeczko  A/c number: 15127268 Iban: gb36 loyd 3016 4115 1272 68

Sort code: 30-16-41  Bic: loydimd1002

If you would like to be on Jenny’s “Moses” e-mail list so that you can keep up to date with what is happening with Moses, then contact her on

Corporations : Sponsoring this little chap would be the pride of any corporation!

Schools : Maybe your school or your class would like to raise money to help Moses, every little bit helps, for example – if every kid in your class donated their pocket money for a week, you would be helping to keep Moses alive.  Car boot sales, cake sales and sponsored sports are all great ways to raise funds.  $50 donation will buy 2 tins of formula which will feed a baby elephant for 1 ½ days.  Every little bit helps no matter how great or small!

Our wildlife in Malawi is so fragile, please help us protect it.

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