“The Right Side of Daphne”

I have acquired a new picture………….

Back in February I went down to the crypt of St Martin-in-the-Fields for a quick lunch and on my way out I noticed there was an art exhibition in the gallery.  It was called “The Art of 7” and the work of one of the seven artists caught my eye so I spoke to the woman looking after the gallery.  She turned out to be the artist in question, Amelia Critchlow, an M.A. student at the Wimbledon College of Art.  We had a long conversation about the things that inspired her work; one of which was children’s fables such as Little Red Riding Hood.

As I looked around, I saw this image which looked as if the girl’s feet were changing into tree roots. 


I asked her if it was inspired by Ovid’s story about the metamorphosis of Daphne she said that she didn’t know the story.  I explained briefly that Daphne had taken a vow of chastity and fled away when Apollo can onto her and that her prayer to be saved was answered by transforming her into a tree as he caught up with her.   I promised to e-mail her a link to Bernini’s famous sculpture in Rome of Daphne and Apollo showing the moment of transformation.  To cut to the chase (so to speak) Amelia liked the story and I offered to commission a piece based on it.

Five months later she presented it to me:-


 I hope you like it as much as I do.  A really new take on an old subject, I think. 

Here is the link  to her website if you want to know more about Amelia’s work. www.ameliacritchlow.co.uk

Just in case you missed it

              Her Right Eye

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One thought on ““The Right Side of Daphne”

  1. Really lovely, Mark. And it looks as if it might actually be painted on a plank of wood?
    I’m curious as to the size and medium ( I guess it’s oil) and what about your or her choice of frame which forever interests me almost as much as the artwork itself.
    Woodie XX

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