Rose, Campbell Wedding

Lahore – Lucknow

21st January 1907

I bought some other photos of The Residency [sieged in the Indian Mutiny 1857] yesterday, some views I hadn’t taken.  My films are running short.I don’t like to encroach on my last dz [dozen?] – in case the ones I have ordered do not arrive.I want to keep some to take the wedding group.  The wedding is fixed now for January 31st at Dholi from the Studd’s house, friends of Jocks.

                                                                                                           The Studd’s House
It is awfully nice of them to take us all in.  And the “Australians” turn out to be the ones we met at the De Saumarez last winter in Shanghai.  In fact, the amount of people we have come across who know friends and relations is astonishing.